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(khizar, plantlike)
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Source: Starfinder Pact Worlds, pg(s). 212

Khizars are a race of telepathic plant-like humanoids that live in harmony with their environment.1


Khizars are bipedal humanoids with vestigial vines on their backs and greenish-brown cellulose skin. They have hydrostatic skeletons and bleed thick sap. Their limbs end in rootlike tendrils which can feel and somewhat clumsily grasp objects. In place of heads, khizars have seedpods made of tough, translucent membranes over woody latticeworks. Phosphorescent seed clusters glow softly through a khizar's seedpod, whose colour shifts as khizars experience different emotions: canny observers can tell khizars' mood before they convey a word. Due to their lack of eyes and mouths, khizars are blind and mute, but can communicate via telepathy and perceive the presence or absence of light. Khizars inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.1


Khizars originated in the continent of Ukulam in northern Castrovel and evolved from scavenging plants that used slow movement and crude empathic senses to locate corpses. They eventually grew to have full-fledged societies, albeit with much lower population than lashuntas, formians and elves. With the advent of Drift travel, some khizars have established colonies in the Ice Wells of Aballon to protect them from the anacite urban sprawl.1


Khizars have a strong sense of individuality, and maintain no gender nor cultural divisions, as ancient khizars tended to solve competitions over food by embracing new and novel experiences. Khizars tend to be very protective of their wild habitats, which sometimes causes conflicts against other races. Many have recently joined or allied with the Xenowardens in defense of certain worlds. Khizars are eager to learn about others' ways in an effort to understand them and judge them by their actions rather than their appearances, since they usually cannot perceive the latter.1