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Source: Starfinder Pact Worlds, pg(s). 214
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Strix (used as both the singular and plural term) are a race of dark-winged nocturnal humanoids with nicitating membranes. Originally refugees from lost Golarion, they have since adapted to space travel.1


Strix resemble humans in size and build, but are distinguished by their jet black skin, their massive ebony wings and their strange facial features. Strix anatomy has long adapted to living in dark places. Their eyes are typically milky and pupilless. Given their powerful necks and ability to fly, their ocular muscles rarely need to accommodate moving in their sockets. This results in strix constantly craning their heads in a birdlike manner that can be disconcerting to others.1


Pre-Gap accounts speak of a small and usually isolationist population of strix on vanished Golarion. After the Gap, most strix live in Qidel, a mysterious spire rising from the central Fullbright desert of Verces, replacing its pre-Gap population of strange metal-winged humanoids, and have since integrated peacefully into the Ring of Nations.12


Outsider entry into Qidel is highly regulated, and the strix share little about their culture even with friends. Despite their magnanimity, strix sometimes struggle to integrate into wider Vercite culture. Accustomed to a communal culture, where everything involves an entire community, strix often find the verthani's focus on individuality and personal achievement exhausting. As a result, many strix who leave Qidel have left Verces altogether and pursue adventure and learning offworld.1

Strix are deeply distrustful of magic but take to technology as easily as they can fly. They often heavily augment their bodies with cybernetics and can be invaluable as technomancers and mechanics aboard exploration vessels.1