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An elebrian.

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Source: Splintered Worlds, pg(s). 53

Elebrians are the dominant intelligent race of Eox. Most elebrians turned to undeath when the backlash from a superweapon decimated their world, and few living elebrians survive to the present day.1


Elebrians are very similar to humans, with whom it has been suggested that they may share a common ancestor in the ancient past. A typical elebrian stands slightly over 6 feet tall and has pale skin and large, dark eyes. In order to house their large brains, elebrian craniums are oversized with slightly distended foreheads. Most elebrians are entirely hairless, except for a small minority that grow wispy hair on their scalps and thin eyebrows.1


Elebrian civilisation arose and flourished on Eox, then a verdant world, long before the Gap. The ancient elebrians were gifted in both the magical and technological arts. In their hubris, they went to war with the neighbouring planets Damiar and Iovo, then known as the Twins, whose residents refused to acknowledge their supremacy. Their most powerful weapon, capable of destroying planets, shattered the Twins into the asteroid belt now called the Diaspora, but also destroyed most of Eox's atmosphere and irradiated the entire planet. A few thousand elebrians survived the cataclysm in sealed underground bunkers, but the extent of the devastation made it clear that rebuilding was impossible. Elebrian leaders decided to turn to necromancy, transforming themselves and most survivors into undead in order to survive on their now-inhospitable homeworld; they became known as the first bone sages. Since then, undead elebrians have far outnumbered living ones on Eox.2

In 7 AG, the bone sages launched the Magefire Assault on Absalom Station. The undead fleet was halted and defeated by the station's powerful defences.3

Five years after Veskarium incursions into the Pact Worlds system (then known as the Golarion system) in 36 AG, the Eoxians were the first to sign the Absalom Pact, a system-wide defense and governance pact. Not all elebrians supported this decision; a portion of the Eoxian military went rogue, creating the officially disowned Corpse Fleet. There is no doubt that the elebrians were instrumental in defending the system from the Veskarium and later the Swarm.425


Elebrians have traditionally had quick wits and a natural desire to accumulate both knowledge and power. They are driven to tasks that provide either a valued insight or a significant advantage.1

Politically, Eox is divided into individual fiefdoms. In each fiefdom, a bone sage is the absolute ruler over thousands of vassals, intelligent or monstrous. While the bone sages constantly bicker among themselves, they present a powerful unified front to the rest of the Pact Worlds. Except for the bone sages, who are almost all elebrian necrovites, social standing isn't tied to an individual's undead type, though usually only the powerful types have the intelligence and drive to own their own businesses or climb the social ladder. The small population of living elebrians are often considered second-class citizens, relegated to settlements with breathable air and radiation shielding.6

In most elebrian necropoleis, the laws are simple and designed primarily to ensure the ruling class is not bothered or threatened. Minor violations are likely to be overlooked as long as they do not create significant trouble.6

The undead elebrians know that they won't age or weaken, there's no concept of retirement, and an elebrian knows they'll remain capable of doing a task that they can do now. The undead elebrian population is stable, with no births, no deaths from natural causes, and enough new corpses to replace destroyed undead. The only fear of an elebrian is having some supernatural hunger go unsatisfied, driving them to desperation and eventual madness.6


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