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The Dead
Toxic and thin
Year length (PST)
5 years
Day length (PST)
30 days
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 450-451
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Eox is the fifth planet from the sun in the Pact Worlds system. Having been killed in an interplanetary war long before the Gap, it is now inhabited primarily by undead, and is feared by most of the Pact Worlds' other citizens.12


Eox is a charred husk with a thin, toxic, radioactive atmosphere, its once-verdant ecosystem having been lost. Atraskia, once the largest continent on Eox, is now the Atraskien Shelf, which remains higher than the seabeds-turned-basins, though the upheaval has altered much of the landscape. The atmosphere above the Atraskien Shelf is somewhat less toxic but has many more pockets of radiation than the rest of Eox.2

Deminas Hollow, formerly the basin of the Deminas Ocean, is the largest lowland and stretches across Eox's equator. It is considered relatively unsafe, due to roaming packs of starving undead and ellicoths, and settlements there usually need strong, high walls.2

The southern cap of Eox is a vast, broken, sparsely-populated plain. Its original name and nature have been lost to time, and it is often called the Gray Hollow, due to the grey blasted rocks and strange plants that managed to adapt to Eox's conditions. The Remembrance Rock, a massive mesa that serves as a monument of what Eox lost, is located in the Gray Hollow. Located directly opposite it is the Facinora Basin, a continent-sized crater that churns with lava and poisonous gas, due to its closeness to Eox's core. Demarcated by a mountain range known as the Fringe, the Facinora Basin is extremely dangerous, even by Eoxian standards.2

The Lacustria Hollow is a vast, flat basin around the northern cap of Eox. Formerly the Lacustria Sea, a thriving ocean beneath an ice sheet, it is mostly uninhabited and is littered with remnants of ships and underwater cities, many of them buried under dust, silt or igneous rocks. For centuries, more offworld expeditions to the Lacustria Hollow have been approved than any other part of Eox, but most only bring back rust and scraps of cloth, and new sites are constantly discovered.2


A structure on Eox.

Thousands of years ago, the native residents of Eox went to war with the neighboring planets Damiar and Iovo, then known as the Twins. Their most powerful weapon, capable of destroying planets, shattered the Twins into the asteroid belt now called the Diaspora, but also destroyed Eox's atmosphere and killed off much of its population. Eoxians used necromancy to survive, and today Eox is dominated by the undead and ruled by powerful necrovites.1


Eox is run by the Bone Sages, a cabal of undead sorcerers who are renowned as savvy politicians throughout the Pact Worlds.1 Eox is the home world for most of the undead in the Pact Worlds system, and its government faces threats from Pharasmin insurgents and crusaders willing to break their law (which treats the Eoxian undead as Pact World citizens) to uphold Pharasma's higher law (which views the undead as abominations to be destroyed).3


An Eoxian.


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