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Symbol of the Xenowardens

Ecological Guardians
Greenspeaker Alca Gabrio
Arkship Equilibrium
Protect environments from exploitation, pollution, and corruption
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 481

The Xenowardens are a druidic Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. faction of environmental extremists who are devoted to protecting environments from destructive exploitation and corruption.1


The Xenowardens are believed to have been founded by Castrovelian druids at the dawn of space travel.2


The Xenowardens believe that all planets harbouring life are unique, and must be revered and discovered. Unregulated exploration and colonisation in search for quick wealth or expansion is a heresy that must be opposed. They recognise that civilisation is natural and part of nature's balance, so most of their political power is economic. Their biotech and renewable energy research is matched only by the barathus, and their scientific advances benefit the entire Pact Worlds.2

The Xenowardens often leverage political power to plant members as ecological advisors and observers in corporate ventures, and patrol newly discovered worlds to ensure that colonists respect the environment. Most operate independently, stopping abuses and convincing others of the benefits of living in harmony with nature. A popular conspiracy theory blames rogue Xenowardens for bringing the Stardust Plague to discourage interstellar colonisation.2


The Xenowardens are an egalitarian group, and even the newest members are encouraged to speak their minds. Their leader, the Greenspeaker, is chosen by acclaim among arkship captains, then dropped on an unexplored, wild, habitable planet, and takes up the mantle of leadership after surviving a year without harming the local ecosystem. The Greenspeaker is advised by lhoras, creatures that can answer questions about the future, and whose origin is kept secret so other groups cannot exploit them.2


Some Xenowardens are mystics who protect the wilds with nature magic, others are scientists who research alien lifeforms for knowledge and medical discoveries, yet others are career soldiers who force civilisations to live in harmony with nature at the barrel of a gun.2


The Xenowardens are currently working together with AbadarCorp and the start-up New Horizons Luxury Retreats corporation to terraform the planet Jedarat.3


The Xenowardens' biomechanical starships are not built, but are rather grown in orbital nurseries owned by the Unified Conservatory. They are bioengineered to not be reliant on non-renewable technology, can heal themselves over time and respond to threats unlike any other ship, and the larger ones possess animal intelligence.245


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