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A corporation is a company or group authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law.1

In the Pact Worlds

Thousands of corporations operate in the Pact Worlds, and range in scale from small local businesses to system-spanning operations.

Notable corporations

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Corporation Headquarters Description Ref
AbadarCorp Golden Vault, Absalom Station Serves as both the church of the deity Abadar and a massive conglomerate 2
Arabani Arms Ltd. Apostae Drow weapons trafficking 3
Aspis Consortium Pact Worlds Criminal enterprises 4
Exemplar-23 Aballon System's largest android manufacturer 3
Idari Idari Also branded as Idaran; Kasathan products
Life Innovations Bretheda Biotechnology research firm 3
Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems Akiton Aerospace and starship manufacturing company 3
The Tetrad Galaxy, multiple planes Witchwyrd trade association 3
Ulrikka Clanholdings Diaspora Dwarven mining consortium 3


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