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Holy symbol of Abadar
Titles Master of the First Vault
Adjective Abadaran
Alignment Lawful neutral
Portfolio Civilization
Worshipers Absalom Station, Akiton, Verces
Symbol Golden key
Images of Abadar

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 483
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Abadar is a pre-Gap deity of wealth, civilization, and the rule of law whose church is the megacorporation AbadarCorp, one of the most powerful commercial organizations in the Pact Worlds.[1]

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Church of Abadar

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In addition to their commercial functions, all AbadarCorp corporate offices, factories, shops, and trading posts are also temples of Abadar.[2] They maintain a set of common architectural touches, such as solid, pragmatic, secure construction, rich ornamentation, and yellow-tinted translucent-ceramic windows.[1]

Most of its employees are secular, but AbadarCorp's executive and corporate officers are priests of Abadar, with its chief executive officer also serving as the church's executive archdirector. Planets and major operations are led by archdirectors who also sit on the corporation's board of directors. Directors and managers are also often priests of Abadar.[2]


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