Material Plane

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Material Plane
The Pact Worlds system, a vast yet tiny sliver of the Material Plane.
Sphere Inner Sphere
Alignment N/A
Denizens Varied life both mundane and bizarre
Description Endless voids very occasionally filled with astronomical objects

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 394
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The Material Plane is the Inner Sphere home to the entire universe. It is an unending void, occasionally harboring life on terrestrial planets or other less-stable astronomical objects.[1]


The Material Plane is governed by fixed, if magically mutable, laws of physics, such as gravity and a fixed speed of light.[2]

Relationships to other planes

The Material Plane is, along with the Elemental Planes, metaphysically coterminous with the Positive Energy Plane and Negative Energy Plane; their configuration resembles layered spheres surrounding the two energy planes within its core. The Ethereal Plane binds all of these planes together as a transitive plane.[2]

The energy planes contain such powerful forces that the Material Plane is slightly detached, forming two additional planes. The First World is pulled away from the anchoring Material Plane by its relationship to the Positive Energy Plane, while the Shadow Plane is pulled away by the Negative Energy Plane.[2]

The Drift is assumed to be related to the Inner Sphere due to its usage for hyperspace travel between points on the Material Plane, but it is so new that there is little consensus about its place in the multiverse.[2]

Interactions with other planes

Drift travel is the primary mode of interplanar travel originating from the Material Plane. Magic, such as spells like plane shift, can also facilitate travel to other planes.[3] Teleportation magic uses the Astral Plane for traversal between points on the Material Plane.[4]

Deities grant magical powers to mystics across the planes, with mystics who follow deities believing that divination spells are direct communications from their patron. The spell contact other plane can contact entities on other planes (or extraplanar entities), and magic can also bind them to the Material Plane through summoning spells such as planar binding.[3]

Residents of the Plane of Fire use portals ripped between the planes by the Sun to interact with people in the Material Plane, usually via the Burning Archipelago.[5]

Weapons with the ghost killer fusion can pass through the Material Plane and into the Ethereal Plane.[6]

The material universe

The Material Plane is practically infinite in scale, with galaxies separated by vast voids, each galaxy containing countless stars, many stars anchoring systems of other bodies, and innumerable other phenomena in between.[1][2]

Dark Tapestry

The immense void between the stars harbors strange life. This region is known as the Dark Tapestry, and is home to creatures stranger than any found in the Outer Rifts.[7][8]

The Signal

The Signal was a broadcast of Drift engine knowledge across many media that spanned the entire Material Plane. The nature of the Signal is yet unknown, but its broadcast coincided with the revelation of Triune as a new deity.[9]