Plane of Fire

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Plane of Fire

The Eternal Furnace
The Everlasting Flame
The Inferno
Inner Sphere
Mildly neutral
Source: Assault on the Crucible, pg(s). 47
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The Plane of Fire is the outermost of the elemental planes, encircling the Plane of Earth to one side, and bordering the Astral Plane to the other. It is a realm of vast, liquid oceans of flame, charred cinderlands, and flowing rivers of magma.1


The Plane of Fire is filled with endless expanses of lava seas, volcanic plains and skies that rival the heat of stars. Unprotected flammable materials catch fire almost immediately, and creatures of elemental water are extremely uncomfortable on the Plane of Fire. For this reason, the Plane of Fire has traditionally been considered one of the most hostile planes in the Great Beyond. However, as technology advances, the Plane of Fire has become less inhospitable: environmental protections granted by armor can protect most living creatures from the heat in settlements and beyond, and special technological devices or magical effects have rendered some areas less hostile.2


The Plane of Fire is home to a wide variety of different species, most notably fire elementals and the evil genies known as efreet. The efreet are the most powerful force in the Plane of Fire, and oversee numerous states, with the most prominent one being the Dominion of Flame, to which all others pay at least some tribute.2


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