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Type Outsider
(extraplanar, fire)
CR 8
Environment Any (Plane of Fire)

Source: Fire Starters, pg(s). 59
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Efreet (sing. efreeti) are a race of powerful and cruel genies who dominate the Plane of Fire.[1][2]


Efreet appear like black-horned, crimson-skinned humans wreathed in flames with billowing black smoke seeming to leak from their very flesh. The average efreeti is 12 feet tall and weighs 2000 pounds, but can adjust their size to fit within smaller spaces like space stations and starships.[1]


Efreet have the ability to grant wishes, but abusing this power for personal gain will earn the ire of other genies and aeons alike. Because of this, wishes are only granted to those considered to be deserving, or to whom the efreeti owes a debt. Efreet are especially devious and cruel when granting wishes to those who enslave them, twisting such wishes against them.[1]


Efreet build totalitarian, militaristic societies on the Plane of Fire. The most powerful of them is the Dominion of Flame, to which all other efreeti polities pay some tribute. Traditionally the dominant race in the Plane of Fire, the efreet saw their dominance tested in the post-Gap confusion, as they contended with memory loss and revolutions from their azer and mephit servants. They have only recently managed to re-establish stability, which is believed to be the result of the Dominion of Flame's ruling council opening major efreeti settlements to foreign traders and granting them unprecedentedly favourable deals.[2]

Most efreet dwell in luxurious settlements, most notably the legendary City of Brass. Those who seek societal advancement often join the military and serve aboard efreeti nations' starships.[2]

Efreet despise the djinn, and sometimes ally with shaitans and other powerful creatures, but such alliances only last as long as they are useful to the efreet.[1]

In the Pact Worlds

Efreet are frequent visitors to the Burning Archipelago in the Pact Worlds' sun. While they outwardly seem to be constantly at odds with each other, they are secretly all on the same side, something which outsiders should take into account.[3]


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