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Pact Worlds system

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The Pact Worlds system.
Pact Worlds system

Golarion System
solar system
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This article covers the solar system. For the governmental entity, see Pact Worlds.

The Pact Worlds system (also known as the Golarion system) refers to the solar system that formerly contained the forgotten planet Golarion, and whose current planets comprise the interplanetary organization known as the Pact Worlds. It contains one star, 10 planets, two prominent space stations, and an asteroid belt.12


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A structure on the planet Eox.

Planets in the Pact Worlds system, in order from nearest to furthest from the sun:

Former planets

  • Golarion, between Castrovel and Akiton in the orbit now occupied by Absalom Station. Golarion disappeared during the mysterious period of blank history known as the Gap.213
  • Damiar and Iovo, the planets that formed the asteroid belt called the Diaspora, between Verces and Eox.5

Space stations and other permanent superstructures

  • Absalom Station, which includes people from or who can trace their origins to the missing planet, Golarion213
  • The Idari, a Kasathan generation starship, orbiting the sun between Verces and the Diaspora.3


Most of the planets in the Pact Worlds system (with the exception of parts of Verces and Aballon that have achieved post-scarcity), maintain a capitalist economy. This system is encouraged by the Church of Abadar, and on most worlds people still must work for a living. The standard of living varies quite considerably from place to place. The government of Absalom Station makes sure that no sentient inhabitants go hungry, while on Apostae, conditions close to slavery still exist.6


Most of the Pact Worlds system's inhabitants have learned to live in a fragile state of equilibrium with the hundreds, if not thousands, of different cultures and races found throughout the system. The majority realizes that imposing one's own system of beliefs and morals on a wholly alien species is pointless, and are content to live and let live.6


Religion is one of the few common denominators among the races of the system, as almost everyone is concerned with the ultimate destination of their soul, and most Pact Worlds congregations live in relative harmony with one another.6