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Symbol of the Augmented
Type Cybernetic activists
Leader Cypremacy Collective
Headquarters Woven Towers, Kashak, Verces
Goals Promotion of technological self-improvement
Scope Pact Worlds system
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Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 475

The Augmented are a group that encompasses and represents those who possess extreme modifications and believe them to be the future of evolution.[1]


Traditionally, the Augmented were one of the three verthani castes, dedicated to improving their bodies through technology and magic. This caste was particularly popular among aethership pilots, who have kept this reputation to this day. While the caste system has fallen out of fashion and only remains as a mark of cultural pride, the Augmented has expanded beyond the verthani species, and now counts among its rank people of every species who seek to technologically and magically improve themselves and society.[2][3]


The Cypremacy Collective is seen as the Augmented's mouthpiece, and send out agents to the galaxy outside to do their bidding. Many such agents are androids, who are venerated in a near-religious way by those who see them as the Augmented ideal.[1]


While the Augmented have long been associated with mechanical and magical modifications, most members are only concerned with advancement and self-improvement in general instead of particular mechanisms, leading people who have biotech augmentations to identify as Augmented as well.[1]


The heart of Augmented society has always been Verces, particularly Kashak, the first nation to denounce the traditional verthani castes and promote cybernetics for everyone. The private labs and universities in Kashak's capital Nabokon are incomparable, attracting powerful technomancers and organisations. The members of the Cypremacy Collective, which is also Kashak's national government, are permanently wired into the Woven Towers, from which they pressure governments and corporations.[1]


While the Cypremacy Collective promotes acceptance and understanding, some Augmented groups like the Remakers and NextStep believe that 'stocks' (non-augmented people) are actively hampering progress, and use the motto evolution doesn't need consent to justify pouring nanites into water supplies or forcibly modifying public figures. The Collective has fought a shadow war with these groups for generations, and usually hire independent contractors to eliminate them, viewing them as the source of anti-Augmented sentiments.[1] In response to these groups, the Banner of Purity has emerged, promoting a return to the caste system and violence against the Augmented.[4]

The Xenowardens have promoted the view that augmentations can reduce ecological harm and started strengthening ties, while barathus have begun to enter Augmented assemblies for unknown reasons. Many Augmented appreciate the newcomers' viewpoints, but some are concerned that the group's focus might shift unexpectedly.[1]


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