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The Unseen
Type Conspiracy
Goals Unknown
Scope Multi-system
Members Dycepskians

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 497

The Unseen is the name given by conspiracy theorists to three species of malevolent aliens: dycepskians, grays and reptoids. For many years, they have infiltrated and manipulated galactic civilisation to fulfil some inscrutable purpose.[1][2]


Despite being usually lumped under one umbrella, grays, reptoids and dycepskians are not necessarily allies and are often at odds with each other, if not directly antagonistic.[2]


Although conspiracy theories are cynically dismissed by most citizens of the Pact Worlds and censored by media giants, unseen agents are indeed seeking to infiltrate and take control of nearly every significant political organisation in the system. The most alert Pact nativists see them everywhere, in every interstellar intrigue, among alien ambassadors, high-ranking Stewards, and even members of the Pact Council itself.[1]



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