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Titles The Forge
Type Planet
Adjective Aballonian
Diameter 0.333x
Mass 0.037x
Gravity 0.333x
Atmosphere Thin
Year length (PST) 90 days
Day length (PST) 12 hours
Orbits Sun
System Pact Worlds system
Inhabitants Anacites
Images of Aballon

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 436-437
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Aballon is the planet in the Pact Worlds system that is closest to the Sun.[1]

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Aballon is a drab gray world with craters, deserts, and mountains. When facing the sun, it is blasted by powerful solar winds, while parts facing away from the sun are covered in ice.[1]


A race known only as the First Ones visited Aballon millennia before the Gap and built a massive robotic population to collect the planet's resources. After this race left Aballon, the population evolved and self-replicated into a standalone ecosystem, complete with animal-like robotic predators and prey, and anacites, a sentient race that developed its own complex society.[1]


A city on Aballon.

Aballon is inhabited by a race of machine people called anacites. They live in two groups, each with their own belief: Those Who Wait, a group that prepares for the First Ones' return, and Those Who Become, who see themselves as successors to the First Ones destined to grow and colonize other worlds in the same manner.


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