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Terrestrial planet
Year length (PST)
257 days
Day length (PST)
15 hours
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 465

Jedarat is a barren planet orbiting the star Vose 303, the site of an ongoing terraforming project that would turn it into a luxury resort.1


Jedarat is rocky and bone-chillingly cold, and its atmosphere is too thin to support most humanoid life.1


Millennia ago, Jedarat was the site of a military research facility on the fringe of the Sivv Dominion, and was responsible for many projects during the war between the sivvs and the kishalee. As the sivvs lost the war, the facility fell to an uprising by bantrid slaves.2


AbadarCorp, the Xenowardens, and the start-up company New Horizons Luxury Retreats are investors in the ongoing environmental project on Jedarat. They hope to turn it into a pristine, snow-capped resort world that would attract settlers and tourists alike.1

At Jedarat's poles, city-sized atmospheric conversion modules transform the ice caps into gas, which is pumpled into the sky to thicken the atmosphere and warm the planet. Between shallow, growing seas, vast microbial mats spread across the land.1 The terraforming process is slated to begin somewhere between 320 AG and 329 AG, with machinery and materials supplied by plistarn contractors from Vose 303. Business insiders speculate that the planned resort will offer regular tours to Voskorme, the plistarns' capital city.3

As scientists and engineers terraformed the Jedarat's surface, they discovered multiple sivv ruins.4 The investors have begun some preliminary expeditions into the ruins, and seek to integrate them into future holiday amenities.1


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