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Year length (PST)
72 years
Day length (PST)
39 hours
Source: Near Space, pg(s). 56

Vesk-7 is the seventh planet in the Veskarium, an icy world called 'new home' by the kothamas who have come to settle there.1


Vesk-7's orbit is retrograde from that of every other planet orbiting the star Ghavaniska. It takes the same time to complete a rotation as its twin Vesk-8. Twice a year, the two are so close to each other that their shared moon Traverse transfers its orbit from one to the other. Magical portals that connect Vesk-7 and Vesk-8 are only active during this time.1

Vesk-7 has a molten core that allows liquid water to exist on its surface without entirely freezing. Permafrost stretches from the poles to the tropics, giving way to snowy plains and hills. Near the equator, vegetation cangrow, and rivers and lakes only freeze seasonally. The Ice Sea, a deep ocean littered with colossal icebergs and ice floes, forms a band around the equator. Three small continents jut from the Ice Sea: Asekora, Offinik and Ulathaz.2


Nominally, the entirety of Vesk-7 is ruled by High Despot Sarthis Wrathmaker, a no-nonsense leader who believes in long hours of hard labour. In practice, the Veskarium's authority only extends for a few kilometres from the planetary capital Command 7. The settlement of Forget is de facto independent, even though Veskarium peacekeepers occasionally come to remind its residents that they are living under vesk rule. As Forget grows, its leaders are considering formally declaring independence from the Veskarium.3

Although they are aware of the effect of the kothamas' calming aura on themselves, the vesk mostly ignore them since the kothamas do not challenge Veskarium rule. The kothamas, for their part, need no government or justice system due to their solitary and contemplative lifestyle, but are nevertheless considered full Veskarium citizens.3

In 422 AG, the Drift Crash expelled a maelstrom of extraplanar material around Vesk-7 and Vesk-8, isolating these two planets from the rest of the galaxy.4 Cut off from the Veskarium's authority and supply ships, Vesk-7 descended into warlordism. According to insiders, High Despot Sarthis Wrathmaker is reaching out to Jularaz, her colleague on Vesk-8, for possible secession from the empire.5


The kothamas, native to Vesk-8, have made their way to Vesk-7 in ancient times through Traverse. Most of the Ice Sea is lifeless, except around the hydrothermal vents on the sea bed, which support numerous species of deep sea creatures and vegetation. Asekora, Offinik and Ulathaz are home to plants, insects and small furry mammals.2

The vesk troopers at Command 7 far outnumber the number of civilians on the whole planet. Other species are extremely rare, except in Forget, which welcomes everyone.3 Due to its distant location and small value, vesk consider a posting to Vesk-7 a punishment for dissidents or dishonoured vesk.1

Ships from both the Veskarium and Forget sail the Ice Sea, which has recently become more dangerous, especially between Asekora and Offinik. Many ships have vanished without a trace, allegedly because they ran afoul of a sea monster like a plesiosaur or diaspora wyrm defending its territory. The Veskarium officially denies the existence of such a creature, but High Despot Sarthis has issued a bounty for dealing with whichever is causing the disappearances.3


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