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Moons, planetoids, artificial objects

A planet is a significant astronomical object with a stable orbit, typically around a star.1

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Types of planets

Gas giants

A floating city on the gas giant Liavara.

Often large in size, gas giants have little or no solid surface. Instead, they consist largely of swirling gases—mainly hydrogen and helium—in a dense atmosphere.2 Those without the ability to fly tumble toward the planet's core when attempting to land on a gas giant. Due to the size of most gas giants, such a fall might take days, and would expose the falling person to increasing gravitic pressure and temperature. Near the center of a gas giant, this temperature would be equivalent to being exposed to the corona of a star.3

Ice giants

Unlike gas giants, ice giants are composed of heavier elements—such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur—in solid or liquid form.4

Terrestrial planets

Terrestrial planets or rocky planets have a solid metallic core with a surrounding silicate rock mantle. The deeper parts of the mantle may or may not be molten, but the outer surface of the planet is solid.5

Irregular worlds

Some planets exist outside the classification of spherical masses of rock, metal, or gas. Such irregular worlds or planets come in a large variety of shapes, some of which are theoretical. These can include torus- or cube-shaped planets or worlds that are entirely flat. Such planets are often the result of divine creation or are artificial construct of a highly-advanced species.3

Interplanetary travel

Travel between planets is generally accomplished via spaceships and starships.67


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