Alignment singularity

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Alignment singularity

Source: Galactic Magic, pg(s). 152

An alignment singularity is an area of space where an alignment's influence becomes so dense that it can disrupt, overwhelm and absorb other alignments. They are suspected to originate from planar breaches that gathered enough errant beliefs to become self-sufficient. Most embody one alignment; a few mix two, either blending them or creating a swirl of opposing ideas (depending on whether these two alignments are from different axes or not).1

Alignment singularities usually can only be detected through both magical and technological sensors; otherwise, their presence can only be inferred through changes in a starship crew's ethos, which grow as the ship approaches the singularity. Those that skirt the event horizon usually shift alignment, either to match or to oppose the singularity's. Fully crossing the event horizon is almost always fatal, as the singularity transforms one's mass into raw philosophical particles.1



A law singularity causes people to play by the rules and get along. Eventually, repetitive and obsessive behaviours escalate and innovation is stifled; objects shift to axiomatic, conceptual forms; and finally everything turns into a homogenous soup.1


A chaos singularity disrupts order, which can result in pranks, selfish personal assertions and rebellion. Near the event horizon, the laws of physics become malleable, causing materials and devices to fail. Past the event horizon, all relationships and particles break down.1


Near a good singularity, people become increasingly more selfless for trivial reasons. Crew members become altruistic and refuse to burden others, while objects glow bright and might behave in a helpful way, though weapons might become less lethal. At the event horizon, matter bursts into a radiant, harmonious vibration.1


An evil singularity induces selfishness and cruelty, which initially manifests passively and grows into unprovoked violence and sadism. Objects glow grimly and become more harmful for no reason. The event horizon stretches matter into dissonant, cold darkness.1


Neutral singularities infuse creatures with apathy, which gives way to indifference, lethargy and torpor. Colour fades, objects become dull grey. Across the event horizon, everything is trapped in stasis that can only be awakened by another alignment singularity.1


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