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This week's featured article: Absalom Station
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Absalom Station is a sprawling, densely inhabited space station filling a similar orbit that the forgotten planet Golarion once held around its sun. Its inhabitants include races native to, or descended from natives of, Golarion, making the station the last relic of the lost planet remaining in the Pact Worlds system. The station is also a focal point of the galaxy due to the Starstone, which makes the station effectively near every place in the galaxy via the Drift.

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Rebuild the Starfinder Society in Scoured Stars
The Scoured Stars Adventure Path tells the story of the Starfinder Society, a group of galactic explorers dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic mission that lost 80% of the organization’s personnel and resources. The players take on the role of new agents working to uncover the mystery behind the disaster and eventually mount a rescue mission for the trapped survivors. In the end, it’s up to the player characters (PCs), now the Society’s most experienced agents, to defeat a threat accidentally unleashed by the Society and prevent their newfound foes from gaining the power of a slumbering god. All
Starfinder Society Election Results!
Hello, Starfinders! Earlier this year we announced the upcoming retirement of Ehu Hadif, the current First Seeker of the Starfinder Society. Real life participants in the Starfinder Society Organized Play Program were invited to submit their experienced Starfinders for consideration for the next First Seeker election, and from them, four were selected as potential candidates for First Seeker. Over the past few months, Starfinder fans have had a chance to meet these candidates, learn about their platforms and interests, and cast their vote for who they believe should lead the Starfinder Society. Now the election is over, the ballots have
Infinite Top Performers—Oct 2023
Welcome back to another exciting collection of Pathfinder Infinite & Starfinder Infinite Top Performers! October’s Top Performers Titles are ranked by an average of units sold and revenue earned and presented in alphabetical order. Asterisks indicate titles that have been on a best-seller list previously. Because they’ve consistently topped the list, and due to the number of their titles that typically take up spots, “Team+” and “Team Index” have asked to be removed from the calculations for ongoing top performers lists. This will allow newer publishers or book series to get more attention. Thanks, all! Pathfinder Infinite Top Performers Combination
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Pathfinder Lore Masters Trivia Game Now Available for iOS and Android
[Oct 19th 2023] Montreal, Quebec - Tabletop RPG enthusiasts have another reason to celebrate today, as the highly anticipated Pathfinder Lore Masters trivia game is officially live and available for download on both iOS and Google Play stores. Pathfinder Lore Masters is a project that has been meticulously crafted over the past years by a dedicated team of developers. Their hard work has resulted in an engaging and immersive gaming experience that promises to challenge fans' knowledge of the Pathfinder lore and rules. Key Features of Pathfinder Lore Masters: Thousands of Pathfinder Questions: Immerse yourself in the rich lore and
Paizo + RPGMatch Partnership
RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Paizo, the award-winning publisher behind the blockbuster tabletop games Pathfinder & Starfinder! With this partnership, fans of the Paizo games can now unlock an exclusive badge for their RPGMatch profile to let people know about their affinity with the brand: This badge not only shows in the profile, but also on the user list and can be included in filters when searching for other users. How do I get the badge? Paizo has a shortcode that will allow fans to unlock the badge. The best way to collect the badge is to
TabletopTown Welcomes Paizo
Thursday, July 27 (Brooklyn, NY): TabletopTown announced today its multi-year licensing agreement with Paizo Inc., a leading publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, to bring Pathfinder and Starfinder into the asynchronous, mobile gaming space. TabletopTown is a new mobile platform dedicated to TTRPG play, allowing players to find an entirely new way of engaging through its casual, text-based interface. TabletopTown is currently in an open beta, with full launch coming later this summer. “Paizo’s proven commitment to their fans and support of their creators is what initially drew us to them,” says CEO Kelly DeWindt. “We’re excited to bring Pathfinder and