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This week's featured article: Weydan

Weydan, the Endless Horizon, is a deity of equality, exploration, and freedom who frequently splinters himself into mortal manifestations known as avatars who directly spread his teachings across the Material Plane.

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Mechageddon! Encounter — Simulation 2
By Joe Blomquist This encounter is a prequel for the Mechageddon! Adventure Path that represents the player characters’ (PCs’) ongoing training after enlisting in the New Valor Defense Force. Run this encounter after completing Simulation 1: Valko Derby, after the PCs have leveled up and created their own mechs (or upgraded the mechs from Simulation 1 to tier 2). THE LAST STAND OF KARNATH! — CR 6 After catching Firefight’s notice playing Valko Derby, the PCs were invited to step out of the valkopods and become the real huzkars by joining the New Valor Defense Force. NVDF training is comprehensive
Welcome To PaizoCon Online 2024!
Welcome to PaizoCon Online 2024, the celebration of all things Paizo, which begins today! Join us for free, fun panels at Meet friends and network on our Discord, with prizes, activities, staff AMAs, and more! It’s the Annual PaizoCon Sale! From now through May 27th, use PAIZOCON2024 at checkout for a discount on a number of cool things, including: 10% off Player Core & GM Core sketch covers 10% off WizKids minis 20% off Goblin Firework Fight and Elemental Stones 20% off all backlist Starfinder 1E (anything pre-Mechageddon!) 20% off all backlist Pathfinder accessories (Flip-Mats, spell cards, condition cards,
Find Your Path – May 2024
Hail and well met, Pathfinders and Starfinders! This month’s new releases take you on a tour of Golarion’s wilds, dive into the Abomination Vaults once more (this time in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition), and ask you to suit up and save Daimalko! Don’t forget, this weekend is PaizoCon 2024—our community celebration of all things Paizo! Join us on and hop into the Discord server to get in on the excitement! Never miss a release with our Paizo Subscriptions—for everything from rulebooks to accessories. Pathfinder Howl of the Wild A WILD ADVENTURE! A sound echoes across the world’s
Paizo news
Goliath Coins Announces New Coin Collection Featuring Pathfinder Characters and Creatures
The Pathfinder collection features several of Pathfinder Monster Core’s new dragons, as well as iconic heroes Lini and Feiya. April 30, 2024. [Seattle, WA]: Goliath Coins and Paizo Inc. have announced a partnership to create a series of large, collector’s coins featuring Pathfinder creatures and characters. The coins, which are currently available for preorder, will ship in June. This initial series of coins has been in the works between Goliath Coins and Paizo for quite some time, and the Pathfinder Remaster Project’s new dragon designs gave Goliath Coins the perfect opportunity to craft collector’s coins that are steeped in Pathfinder
Paizo Announces Pathfinder War of Immortals Meta Event
As part of a Twitch stream on Tuesday, April 16th, Paizo announced a host of products all connected to the War of Immortals meta-event, including the death of a core deity. Wedneday, April 17th. [Seattle, WA]: Yesterday, Paizo Inc. hosted a livestream on their Twitch channel ( to announce all of the products associated with the War of Immortals meta-event. This stream, hosted by Community Manager Jon Morgantini, featured members of the Pathfinder design team across lines: Michael Sayre, Design Manager, James Jacobs, Narrative Creative Director, Mark Moreland, Director of Brand, and Luis Loza, Rules & Lore Creative Director. “This
Paizo Announces Retail and Convention Partners for New PaizoCon@ Initiative
Paizo’s annual convention will now include local in-person chapters around the United States and beyond. January 9, 2024. [Seattle, WA]: As part of their annual PaizoCon celebration, Paizo will include several friendly local game stores (FLGS) and one convention as pilot partners in the PaizoCon@ project. These local game stores will receive access to the PaizoCon exclusive Organized Play releases, as well as the ability to participate in the PaizoCon Interactive Specials for both Pathfinder and Starfinder. “We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a return to in-person PaizoCon activities, but with a remote workforce, a singular event couldn’t meet