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A set of laser weapons.
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A weapon, sometimes called an arm or armament, is an instrument used to inflict harm. While some weapons are improvised and others are repurposed from common tools or devices, most are designed to inflict damage to beings and structures.1

Classes of weapons

Weapons can be classified in a number of ways:

By group

A vesk envoy carries a sword.
See also: Category:Weapons by group

There are a number of weapon groups that help define weapons with common traits. Many weapons can be classified under multiple groups.[citation needed]

By range

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Weapons can be designed for up-close melee combat, such as swords and maces; to reach targets within a short range, such as polearms; or to attack targets at a greater distance, such as ranged and thrown weapons.[citation needed]

By required skill

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Many weapons can be simple to use, if not master. Some, however, require martial training or extensive perfection of exotic or esoteric techniques.[citation needed]

By weight and grip

A dwarf carries a heavy weapon.
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Light weapons can be wielded in one hand but many of the heavier weapons require two hands to use.

By damage

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There are many ways a weapon can harm a target. For instance, bladed weapons cut and slash, pointed weapons pierce, and blunt weapons bludgeon. Other weapons inflict more complex sorts of damage, such as fire, extreme cold, electricity, loud noise, and burning acid. Many weapons can do some or all of these types of damage depending on how they're wielded, but most are designed to focus on a specific type of harm.2

By scale

A Pact Worlds spaceship battles Kasathan fighters.
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Weapons are not limited to what humanoids can hold in their appendages. Larger weapons, such as spaceship weapons, might require crews to operate but can also capable of greater destructive force.[citation needed]

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By technological level

A space goblin wields a crude dogslicer and junklaser.
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In their most basic forms, many weapons are little more than highly refined arrangements of metal, wood, stone, and other simple materials. Others employ more complex mechanical, chemical, electrical, or other technological processes.[citation needed]

By magical enhancement

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The vast majority of weapons are considered mundane in nature, but a few are persistently enhanced with magic. Whether infused by a spellcaster, a soul, its environment, a deity, or other often strange and unnatural means, even a relatively innocuous type of weapon can become exponentially more effective as a magic weapon.[citation needed]


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Many weapons are manufactured by corporations and sold in weapon shops and by arms merchants. On the other hand, with some tools and suitable raw materials, a skilled engineer can build most weapons from scratch.

In culture

Weapons fill many roles in culture beyond their more straightforward utility in hunting and combat.

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Racial weapons

See also: Category:Weapons by race

Several races have weapons uniquely suited to their strengths, preferences, or cultural norms.

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In history

Weapons have played pivotal roles across the Pact Worlds' war-scarred history.

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In religion

Obozaya, who worships Damoritosh, wields the deity's favored doshko.
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A number of deities feature weapons in their holy symbols, and all deities have a favored weapon as an element of their faiths.[citation needed]

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