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Holy symbol of Damoritosh.
Titles The Conqueror
The Grim Commander
Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Conquest
Worshipers Vesk and the Veskarium, soldiers, mercenaries, warriors, Akiton, Castrovel, Idari
Favored Weapon Doshko
Symbol Red doshko blades on a black field
Images of Damoritosh

Damoritosh, the Conqueror, is a grim deity who teaches that war and conquest are a pillar of the universe, and that everyone has a duty to propel one's community to victory. The Conqueror demands fealty from his followers, and while he admires courage and honor, he values victory in battle most of all. He shuns diplomacy as an inefficient waste of time compared to military dominance, but has no qualms with accepting a foe's honorable surrender. He is the primary deity worshiped by the vesk, but is also widely worshiped among combatants of all races in the Pact Worlds.[1]


Outside of the Veskarium, Damoritosh's faith has found traction in the Pact Worlds, particularly among lashuntas and kasathas. Many of his priests work as commanders, military advisors or chaplains, while others seek to fully emulate his teachings and conquer petty domains for themselves. They believe that conquest will move ever onward, and there is no reason to mistreat the subjugated as long as they are deferential. Damoritosh's temples are large, fortified bunkers which can easily be manned by a few warriors and withstand long sieges or serve as military bases.[1]