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Featured articles appear weekly on the Main Page of StarfinderWiki, highlighting quality articles, topical or timely subjects, or notable new edits. Upcoming articles can be added to the queue. You may find an archive of past featured articles in the archives.

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This week's featured article: Free Captains
Free Captains.png

The most successful and famous people who prey upon the shipping lanes of the Pact Worlds system through piracy, freebooting, raiding, and smuggling are known as the Free Captains. These individuals have banded together in recognition of their common purpose and claim to be represented by an elected Pirate Council. They claim to follow a common code that tells them who can be raided, which ships can be sold or scuttled, and who has paid their protection money to be spared from these depredations. While these rules may appear arbitrary, they keep the Free Captains united enough to keep them from being easily picked off by the system's military and law enforcement agency such as the Stewards.

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