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This week's featured article: Absalom Station
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Absalom Station is a sprawling, densely inhabited space station filling a similar orbit that the forgotten planet Golarion once held around its sun. Its inhabitants include species native to, or descended from natives of Golarion, making the station the last relic of the lost planet remaining in the Pact Worlds system. The station is also a focal point of the galaxy due to the Starstone, a powerful magical artifact that acts as an immensely potent Drift beacon and allows travel to Absalom Station from nearly anywhere via the Drift.

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June Digital Adventure Previews
Hello, Starfinders! Following reports of unusual activity in the skies over Aucturn, faction leader Ixthia the Unbreakable dispatches a team of experienced Starfinders to investigate. Psychic phenomenon, powerful earthquakes, dangerous cults, quarreling gods, and an intelligent weapon? What’s the worst that could happen? Buckle up, Starfinders! The end is nigh! (Wait, Zon who?) Starfinder Society Scenario #7-03: Aucturn Asunder is a world-shattering adventure for 7th- through 10th-level characters written by Christopher Wasko. Illustration by Alexander Ngo Best of luck, Starfinders! I hear it’s rough out there! Jessica Catalan Starfinder Society Developer Greetings, Pathfinders! The Pathfinder Society has been so busy
Celebrating Juneteenth: Happy Freedom Day from Paizo!
Hail and well met, Pathfinders! Paizo’s offices are closed today in honor of Juneteenth National Independence Day (Juneteenth). This holiday celebrates the true end of chattel slavery in the United States, when the Emancipation Proclamation was enforced in Texas at the end of the Civil War. Juneteenth celebrations date back to 1866—the first year following the freeing of slaves in Texas. Beginning with Texas in 1938, Juneteenth was eventually recognized as a state holiday by all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In 2021, Juneteenth National Independence Day became a federally recognized holiday in the United States. Black communities
Poppets and Perils—Paizo Free RPG Day Offerings!
Hail and well met, ’Finders! It’s that time of year again—Free RPG Day is just around the corner! Paizo is excited to once again be participating in Free RPG Day and supporting FLGS around the world! This year, Paizo is offering a Pathfinder one-shot adventure and a collection of preview creatures for the Starfinder Playtest! Pathfinder Adventure: The Great Toy Heist DON’T TOY WITH US! There’s always someone up to no good in the Chelaxian capital of Egorian, and this time it hits a little too close to home! A corrupt banker discovered there was something magical about The Terrific
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Goliath Coins Announces New Coin Collection Featuring Pathfinder Characters and Creatures
The Pathfinder collection features several of Pathfinder Monster Core’s new dragons, as well as iconic heroes Lini and Feiya. April 30, 2024. [Seattle, WA]: Goliath Coins and Paizo Inc. have announced a partnership to create a series of large, collector’s coins featuring Pathfinder creatures and characters. The coins, which are currently available for preorder, will ship in June. This initial series of coins has been in the works between Goliath Coins and Paizo for quite some time, and the Pathfinder Remaster Project’s new dragon designs gave Goliath Coins the perfect opportunity to craft collector’s coins that are steeped in Pathfinder
Paizo Announces Pathfinder War of Immortals Meta Event
As part of a Twitch stream on Tuesday, April 16th, Paizo announced a host of products all connected to the War of Immortals meta-event, including the death of a core deity. Wedneday, April 17th. [Seattle, WA]: Yesterday, Paizo Inc. hosted a livestream on their Twitch channel ( to announce all of the products associated with the War of Immortals meta-event. This stream, hosted by Community Manager Jon Morgantini, featured members of the Pathfinder design team across lines: Michael Sayre, Design Manager, James Jacobs, Narrative Creative Director, Mark Moreland, Director of Brand, and Luis Loza, Rules & Lore Creative Director. “This
Paizo Announces Retail and Convention Partners for New PaizoCon@ Initiative
Paizo’s annual convention will now include local in-person chapters around the United States and beyond. January 9, 2024. [Seattle, WA]: As part of their annual PaizoCon celebration, Paizo will include several friendly local game stores (FLGS) and one convention as pilot partners in the PaizoCon@ project. These local game stores will receive access to the PaizoCon exclusive Organized Play releases, as well as the ability to participate in the PaizoCon Interactive Specials for both Pathfinder and Starfinder. “We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a return to in-person PaizoCon activities, but with a remote workforce, a singular event couldn’t meet