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Featured articles are well-written and thorough articles that compile multiple sources in easy-to-read ways, employing images and templates to enhance the visual and organization of the page. If you feel there's a particular article that would make a good featured article and be displayed for a week on the Main Page, please list them below, along with any justifications you may have for their inclusion and your signature (~~~~).


The main thing for me is The Commencement has been the featured article for as long as I've been using the wiki.

  • Android is a strong, full-length article complete with an image of the iconic operative, Iseph.
  • Barachius is a solid medium-sized article with an image and covers something familiar to players of fantasy RPGs with the signature science fantasy twist of Starfinder.

Petronius (talk) 05:35, 30 August 2021 (UTC)