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Petronius is this guy who got roped into being a GM after playing Starfinder with his local Starfinder Society venture-agent. Once that VA got hired by Paizo, Petronius (also known as Peter N.) took over from Alex Speidel as VA. He's since been promoted to venture-lieutenant, largely due to his work on the Guides to Organized Play. One of these days, he'll get around to writing up some of his ideas for Starfinder Infinite.

Wiki Projects

Top project

Other Projects

  • Produce unified timeline for Starfinder history
    • Unite timelines in Core Rulebook (Pact Worlds) and Near Space (Veskarium)
    • Add events referenced elsewhere
    • See other efforts e.g. [1] and anything up on Reddit, the SF Discord, etc. for references, what to include, etc.
    • Possibly separate: chronological list of Starfinder Society First Seekers
    • Possibly separate: speculative dating for certain events
  • Keep Starfinder Society-related pages up to date
  • Pages to eliminate redlinks from

Completed Projects

  • Starfinder comics page created 24 Feb 2024

Useful Things I've put together

Future Starfinder Projects

  • Spreadsheet of Starfinder feats (with prerequisites made sortable) - in progress
    • Also add feat chains
  • Spreadsheet of Starfinder augmentations (for ease of searching by installed system) - in progress