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A dirindi.

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Source: Alien Archive 3, pg(s). 21
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Dirindis are a race of humanoids who originate on two moons of Liavara: Arkanen (shared with the sazarons) and Osoro.1


Dirindis are shorter than most humanoids, ranging from 4 and a half to 5 feet tall. They have grey skin and three eyes.


Dirindis have an affinity for electricity, greeting fellow dirindis and offworld visitors alike with friendly jolts. They are outgoing, bombastic, and enthusiastic, while also prone to exaggeration, hyperbole, and lax research.


Dirindis are energetic and social, drawn to professions which put those natural tendencies to good use. While apt to exaggerate, they do so in service of deeper truths rather than to fool their listeners, and take a hard stand against frauds, con artists, and the like.

Dirindi newscasts are extremely popular throughout the Pact Worlds. While the newscasts are unreliable on the strict facts, they are wildly enthusiastic and available in a wide range of languages (thanks to the species' facility with languages).

Sex and Gender

Dirindis have two biological parents, though most are polyamorous and form long-term relationships with multiple partners. Their extended families are large and complex, often including friends adopted in from other species.