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An izalguun.

Izalguuns are an intelligent, agrarian alien race living on the planet Izalraan. Despite their primitive appearance, the izalguuns were once a technologically advanced people.1


Izalguuns are light-grey, four-armed bipeds, with joints mottled green. Their lower arms are bulky, elongated, and can be used to walk quadrupedally, which izalguuns do when outdoors. Their mouths are vertical, with a bony chin protrusion meant to collect runoff.2


The izalguuns' original homeworld was in the Scoured Stars, where they lived under the protection of their domineering patron deity Kadrical, who isolated the Scoured Stars from the rest of the universe with the Godshield despite his worshippers' pleas. Eventually, when the shield faltered, they and the other residents of the Scoured Stars took the opportunity to escape and settle elsewhere in the galaxy.3

The izalguuns landed their starships on Izalraan, a fertile planet which they claimed as their new home. Over the centuries, the izalguuns abandoned their technology, buried their starships, and became hunter-gatherers, preferring a new life in harmony with nature. However, they knew that some old technology and Kadrical's gifts were too dangerous to stay on Izalraan, so the izalguuns built a hidden complex on a nearby moon within their new solar system to serve as a dumpster. When Kadrical sent them a Tear, the izalguuns quickly recognised it as an unwanted godgift and sent it to the Repository.14