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Mohaul, a screedreep.

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Source: Escape from the Prison Moon, pg(s). 51

Screedreeps are an intelligent race native to Eostrillon, a planet in the Aristia system, the same system as the homeworld of the Azlanti Star Empire. They were one of the first races conquered by the Star Empire and are officially designated as second-class citizens. Most screedreeps are sycophantic servants of the Azlanti and they are usually considered to be the Azlanti's favoured subservient race.1


Screedreeps sport a naturally hunched posture with drooping ears and a short snout. They stand about 3 feet tall and weigh around 60 pounds.1


As their homeworld Eostrillon is located in the same system as New Thespera, screedreeps were among the first peoples subjugated by the Azlanti Star Empire. They suffered decades of brutal war before surrendering to the Azlanti. As they have lived as subjects for so long, the screedreeps have integrated well within the Star Empire.1


Since their defeat, screedreeps have become sycophantic, subservient, and eager to fulfill Azlanti wishes, and many have been rewarded with administrative positions. They are particularly adept at identifying and foiling plots within or against the bureaucracy, but in the Star Empire, non-Azlanti can never be better than second-class citizens, and screedreeps are usually distrusted by fellow non-humans in the empire due to their status as the favoured servants of the Azlanti.1

Screedreeps favour universal systems, practicality and repeatability, and prefer technology to magic, like the brakims do; because of this, these two races work well with each other, where a screedreep manager oversees a network of brakim technicians.1

Unlucky or underperforming screedreeps usually leave public positions (or are forced to do so) to take up private work or become criminals throughout the empire, where they thrive as overseers of non-violent operations. They avoid imperial scrutiny with their wiles, and many criminal enterprises on Bortan II have a screedreep in their upper echelons.1

Screedreeps mature at age 15 and have a natural lifespan of up to 150 years.1


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