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Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 126-127
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Trox are a race of stout arachnid monstrous humanoids from the Liavaran moon Nchak, where they serve a mortal incarnation of the goddess Hylax.1


Trox are massive, sturdy and fearsome-looking humanoid-like creatures with scythe-like mandibles, four massive limbs and a chitinous carapace capable of flaring up. Their two central sets of limbs are vestigial, their muscle allocated to their legs, upper arms and fleshy tail.1


The original trox were eight-legged arthropods until Hylax ordered their magical transformation into their current form. Many of these trox were then divided and ensconced in the centre of shielded asteroids, which were then magically ejected out of Liavara's orbit. These asteroids landed on a few planets in the Golarion system, including Golarion itself, where the trox were enslaved by the duergar Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki., twisted into beasts and later vanished with Golarion itself.1


Servants of Hylax, trox protect Nchak, the mecca of her faith, treat all visitors with grace and humility, and guide those curious about Hylax. As defenders of the weak and aware of the fate that befell the trox on Golarion, trox despise slavery and travel to teach and protect others. Despite their strength, they prefer to use their might to defuse potential conflicts instead of fighting. Nchak's philosopher worms hold a mysterious influence on trox, who only say that they are servants of Hylax.1


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