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Source: The Thirteenth Gate, pg(s). 61

Seprevois are the four-legged, black-skinned simian natives of the planet Sepres VI. They lost their home world some time before the Gap, and have lived in its orbit for millennia.12


Seprevois' bodies, except their faces and hands, are covered in fine, short hair ranging from dark brown to pale blond. Their hands are six-fingered, and they have four legs, each with three unjoined toes.2


At its height, seprevoi civilisation covered the entirety of Sepres VI. During a conflict millennia ago, the seprevoi nation of Neirox engineered the derendenol virus as a biological weapon against seprevois and no one or nothing else. The spread of the virus forced them, then barely capable of extra-atmospheric survival, to flee into space. The seprevois have long since forgotten this crime, but their legends still tell that they were punished for poisoning the world and could not safely return. Even after the passage of countless centuries, many works of seprevoi engineering have well withstood the ravages of time.1

Cut off from Sepres VI's natural resources and lacking interstellar travel, seprevoi technological advancement halted, and they did not make contact with other intelligent races until the advent of Drift travel.1


The seprevoi government is ruled by the Seprevoi Council from Sepres Prime, its representatives commanding all seprevoi ark ships. The council strictly enforces rationing of food, materials, life support and even living space. Advanced technology and resources from trade have since lessened the necessity for such restrictions.1

Technological advancement has also resulted in the emergence of the idealistic Returners, who believe that the seprevois should be able to safely return to Sepres VI now, disregarding the ancient taboo, but they're lacking in knowledge about the world itself. On the other hand, the conservatives preach that advancement cannot protect the seprevois, who must pay eternal penance for the crime in the past. These Exilytes have taken advantage of their influence in the Council to hold back seprevoi development in all aspects.1


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