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A kobold.

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Source: Interstellar Species, pg(s). 84
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Kobolds are a race of small humanoids found on Lost Golarion and notably absent after the Gap ended. Kobolds are once again present in the galaxy thanks to experiments by witchwarpers in the first century AG.1


Kobolds are lizard-like humanoids who often have scales in the same color palettes as true dragons. Their scale color changes as they age in a variety of ways, roughly similar to graying hair in humans. Kobolds most often have two horns on top of their heads, though horns can number between 0 and 8 on an individual. Kobolds have heads larger than their body size would indicate--to the point that they would have significant balance issues if they were not counterbalanced by their tails.


Kobold names most often are short at birth, with syllables added over time to commemorate accomplishments. However, names longer than 6 syllables are considered very arrogant, so most kobolds replace syllables instead of adding them to avoid this perception. Birth syllables are usually kept.

Some typical names include Akmaz, Aulteen, Brehak, Framhat, Galq, Iji, Jozol, Pultok, Tibb, Uitul, Ypol, and Zgaz.


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