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Source: Alien Archive 3, pg(s). 14

Dessamars are a species of lepidopteran humanoids from Koshoria. They are holometabolous; their adult forms are called imagos and their larvae instars. They are treated as curiosities by the Azlanti Star Empire, who claim and harvest Koshoria's resources.12


Dessamar imagos resemble bipedal, four-armed butterflies with a humanoid exoskeleton and compound eyes. They measure 5 feet tall and weigh around 60 pounds. Developed instars are around 3 feet tall and weigh 40 pounds. Their flesh is coated in hallucinogenic powder that shows guilt-tinged visions to would-be predators. Female dessamars are often bigger and stronger than males.12


Dessamar instars hatch from eggs, eat magic plants and grow in size as they mature. Older instars are encouraged to explore the world and discover their purpose before undergoing metamorphosis. Once the larva feels ready, they eat enough to double their size, spin a magical cocoon, and emerge as an imago two weeks later. Metamorphosis is optional; old instars are accepted but usually encouraged by imagos to transform.1


Dessamar society is centred around magic, the faith of Desna and the study of the violet magical auras that surround Koshoria. They are meritocratic: the wisest dessamars guide their clans. Like their goddess, dessamars are whimsical, good-natured and given to exploration and self-expression, but can seem aloof and detached, and can be peaceful to a fault. Instars mostly pursue passions while imagos seek wisdom and mastery of a life path. Dessamar technology is either bioengineered or part magical, or both.1

Although Koshoria is claimed by the Azlanti Star Empire, the dessamars, except the occasional curious instar, ignore and avoid the Azlanti, and the Azlanti in turn view the dessamars as curiosities, and treat them as subjects without granting them citizenship. Since the Azlanti find dessamar technology quaint, have yet to see any use for dessamars and have no competing interests with them (and vice versa), the two species have little contact, resulting in some of the most peaceful relations between the Star Empire and its subjects.13

Since some of Koshoria's magical auras are connected to the Dark Tapestry, dessamars study and monitor them to ensure that they never attract squamous things to Koshoria. If the ignorant Azlanti were to hinder this effort, the result could be disastrous.1


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