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Source: The Thirteenth Gate, pg(s). 59

Scyphozoans are a race of intelligent semi-aquatic jellyfish native to the planet Primoria.1


A scyphozoan's body is translucent and soft, with several ambulatory tentacles as well as two prehensile tentacles. A scyphozoan swims by expanding and contracting its bell, which propels the creature forward. Scyphozoans can sense nearby creatures with their bell and tentacles, which are sensitive to vibrations in the air or water. A scyphozoan is approximately 7 feet tall and weighs up to 200 pounds. Scyphozoans exhibit sexual monomorphism.2


The first scyphozoans originated from the oceans of Primoria, and hunted in both land and water along the coast lines of Primoria's temperate zones. For many centuries, they fought incessant wars against the other sapient species of their homeworld, the fungal mycelars. According to the scyphozoan Council States, most wars were caused by scyphozoan encroachment upon mycelar lands, although the truth is never so simple. Around 217 AG, motivated by the Council States, the two species signed a truce and started exchanging technology, resources and information, leading to significant, rapid advances in science and biotechnology for both, including the first successful spaceflight of the scyphozoans in a living starship. Today, scyphozoans have a few dozen Nautiloid-class ships equipped with Drift engines, and they have made contact with the Pact Worlds system.1


Many scyphozoan cultures exist on Primoria, varying from tribal nomadic plankton herders to technologically advanced city-states. The most advanced and powerful economic and military force on Primoria is the Council States, a commercial and defensive confederation of city-states and tribes who trade extensively with mycelars after the signing of their peace treaty and believe that accepting their part in instigating the wars is crucial to maintaining the peace that currently benefits everyone.1

Scyphozoan technology is organic, making use of genetically manipulated and trained organisms that perform functions similar to mechanical devices. For example, their computers and infospheres are grown from genetically engineered nerve and brain tissue.1

Most scyphozoan settlements are grown (rather than built) near the western coast of the supercontinent Eukarya. Many scyphozoan houses are living creatures in mutualistic relationships with their residents. Scyphozoan pastimes include raising domesticated creatures as pets, cultivating algae or mushroom gardens as an art, and several amphibious sports that require both agility and quick thinking.1


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