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Source: Empire of Bones, pg(s). 61

Shimreens are a race of humanoids formed of glowing, jagged crystal from the storm-ravaged planet of Shimrinsara.1


Shimreens are humanoids with polychromatic glowing crystal carapaces. Female shimreens manicure the crystals atop their jagged heads to form stylised crowns, while males let them grow wild around their entire heads. Shimreens are tall and lanky, with full-grown adults cresting 7 feet, and can transform one of their arms into a weapon. They constantly emit light in a 5-foot radius, which they can adjust but never extinguish.12


Shimreens are divided into two castes: workers and warriors. Their soldiers' tactics are an art form unto themselves, treating battle as an elegant dance. The most famous shimreen warriors perform martial displays in staged fights broadcast all across Shimrinsara.2

Shimreens dwell within seven domed dazzling metropolises known as the Jewels of Shimreen, which are connected via sophisticated energised tethers, traversed by storm barges with giant crystalline sails. The planet is governed from the largest city Kaniqlu, by a council of seven representatives, one from each Jewel. The shimreens have harnessed the energy from Shimrinsara's fierce squalls to power their industries since before the Gap.2


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