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Source: The Thirteenth Gate, pg(s). 60

Selamids are a race of intelligent oozes native to the planet of Silselrik.1


Selamids are creatures of complex, flexible protoplasm, adapted to the unstable gravity of their homeworld.2


Selamids are one of Silselrik's primary species, the other being the enormous megalodorids. The two species exist in a peculiar form of mutualism: most selamids live on large cities built on the backs of megalodorids, who feed upon the kinetic energy of the selamids and roam the planet while carefully avoiding the more severe gravity storms to avoid harming their smaller cousins.1

Selamids can eat nearly any organic matter, usually material sloughed from other oozes on Silselrik. Selamids live for approximately 40 years and reproduce by dividing themselves into two newborn selamids at the end of their lives.2


Selamids have only recently made contact with outsiders through a team of Starfinders. They have largely welcomed the opportunity to trade and learn, though an offworlder community has only been established on the largest city Midios.1

Habitat and society

Nearly all selamids live in the megadoplex cities built on the backs of megalodorids, with only a few iconoclastic groups living as nomads. Megadoplexes retain a central element of communalism and each is a tight-knit community: it is rare for a selamid to move from a megadoplex to another. Every aspect of selamid society revolves around the megadolorid's needs.1

Megadoplex structures are built from a calcifying slime execreted by selamids that hardens into an iridescent, translucent material. Due to the fragility of this material, constant rebuilding is often necessary. A thriving diamond-processing industry has also arisen, in response to offworld interest in Silselrik's diamond deposits.1

In order to provide the megalodorids with a constant flow of kinetic energy, the selamid economy is relatively productive but low-tech, and they emphasise athleticism: gymnasiums see activity all day, and the selamids participate in sports for which non-oozes lack the appropriate anatomy. The diamond industry further feeds the megadolorids while providing a valuable trading good.1


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