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Type Monstrous humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Urban (Akiton)
Adjective contemplative

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 28-29
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Contemplatives are a race of atrophied psychic creatures native to Akiton.[1]


A contemplative looks like a massive humanoid brain with a withered, atrophied, almost vestigial body.[1]


Contemplatives rely on their powerful psychic abilities for basic functions, such as movement and speech. They float through telekinesis and communicate through telepathy, with most knowing at least Akitonian, Common, and Ysoki. Lacking typical humanoid sensory organs, they instead use their mental powers to sense their surroundings, allowing them to "see" and feel others' presence even when there is little or no light.

Contemplatives' psychic powers also extend mind-reading, psychokinesis, and the ability to daze and harm others' minds.[1]


Contemplatives are natives of Akiton who accelerated the evolution of their brains thousands of years ago and achieved tremendous psychic powers in the process. Prior to the Gap, they were known as Contemplatives of Ashok.[1]


Contemplatives speak in a collective sense when travelling with groups, and employ logic in ways that often confuse other sentient species. While they might travel alone or in pairs, they also sometimes live in bands of up to 7 members.[1]