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A Quorlu.

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Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 104-105

Quorlus are a species of silicon-based monstrous humanoids from Quorlosh, a geologically active planet with a thin atmosphere.1


Quorlus have four legs, three tentacular arms, three eyestalks, and a crystalline lithic shell vulnerable to certain frequencies. Their organs, made of crystal fibre, float in a plasma within their body. Their heart serves as both a circulatory and digestive organ, and generates their high internal heat, which can be hindered by extreme cold. The average quorlu is 4-1/2 feet tall and weighs 350 pounds.1


Quorlus live underground in the stony crust of Quorlosh, where they delve for and farm minerals which they eat. Due to the instability of their habitat, quorlus are resilient to loss and accepting of impermanence. When a quorlu settlement is damaged, they simply dig out and repair, and avoid rebuilding where subsequent destruction is likely.1

Despite their abundant raw wealth (by other races' standards) and toughness in combat, quorlus are peaceful and value experiences, and few truly enjoy fighting. Their military traditions, which come from their engineering customs, emphasise explosives. Quorlu voices are considered to be soothing by many other intelligent races, especially when singing, which quorlus love to do. They speak a highly tonal, trilling language which is very hard for other races to master, and includes delicate vibrations that sound especially pleasant to shirrens due to their sensitivity.1

In the Pact Worlds

Quorlus have a diplomatic mission and enclave in Absalom Station. Some of them work as explorers in the Starfinder Society or as prospectors in the Diaspora or on inhospitable worlds, where they are willing to take on jobs dangerous for carbon-based life.1