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Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 48
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Amrantahs are a race of constructs from the planet Amran. Each amrantah's constructed body has been imbued with the soul of a long-dead member of the former inhabitants of the planet, who use their planet's ghost forges to be continually reborn.1


Amrantahs can modify their appearance at a ghost forge with little trouble, and as such can be found in a wide range of humanoid appearances. They most often appear metallic but roughly human, though with a blue glow from inside their bodies. Amrantahs are generally between 5 and 7 feet tall and weigh 120 to 350 pounds. They often select a gender fitting their soul's identity, but are free to shape their bodies to conform to, experiment with, or reject gendered traits.


Amrantah bodies last roughly 100 years. When an amrantah dies, their soul returns to the ghost forges and is reborn into a newly constructed body. This process does not preserve their entire personality, though some of it does persist.


The programming of the ghost forges was scrambled by the Gap, so the history of the amrantahs extends at least that far back.


Amrantahs take a casual approach to society, which on Amran focuses largely on enjoying themselves in the pleasure-cities. This casual approach extends to amrantas' religious beliefs and practices as well.


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