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A kalo deepspeeker.

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Any aquatic (Kalo-Mahoi)
Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 68-69

Kalo1 are the aquatic sapient natives of the cold oceanic Brethedan moon Kalo-Mahoi.2


Kalo skin is blue-green and translucent in places. Their bulging, glowing eyes, adapted to the dim light of their oceanic home, can move and focus independently. Kalo have thin, wing-like fins between their arms and legs, leading humans to compare them to bats. They primarily rely on sonar to navigate the dark oceans, and, possessing gills instead of lungs, cannot breathe air or survive out of the water without specialised gear.23


The kalo were the first residents of any moon to be acknowledged as full members of the Pact Worlds, independent of Bretheda.2


Most kalo are artistic or scholarly, and though not overly conservative, they take pride in their history, using ancient titles and names for children and modern positions, like 'sharkhunters' for soldiers. Kalo mystics are often sought out as arbitrators for community and governmental disputes. Civilised and peaceful, kalo have made great effort to make Kalo-Mahoi inviting, and many of their underwater cities, built on geothermal vents, feature air-filled spaces for visitors.245

Kalo dominate the Pact Worlds system's art and fashion scenes, and their representatives on the Pact Council tend to favour measures that provide funding to the arts.45


The Eldest Ragadahn, the Water Lord, is a major deity worshipped on Kalo-Mahoi.6


  1. The singular and plural of kalo are the same.
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