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A space goblin in a spacesuit.

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Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 54-55
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Goblins are goblinoid creatures originally from Golarion who dwell on the fringes of other societies, scavenging amongst their waste and building their society in squalor. Though weak on their own, goblins often gather in huge numbers to overwhelm their enemies.1


A goblin is a short, emaciated-seeming goblinoid, about the size of a ysoki. They tend to be around three feet tall with large, flat heads and long ears. Their skin tends to be leathery and grey, often wrinkled and covered in tiny scars, warts, and scabs. Goblins grow little, if any, hair, relying on their thick skin and huddling together in groups to keep warm. They have small, beady red eyes set close together over a little pug nose, above a hideously wide mouth lined with sharp little teeth. Goblins often dress in rags and scraps cast off by other humanoids and bear coarsely cobbled-together equipment.1


Space goblin

Space goblins are goblins who, according to their own legends, stowed away on a spaceship to infiltrate Absalom Station. From there, they have stolen or captured starships to roam the galaxy, though most known space goblins still live on Absalom Station.1

Space goblins often live in gangs of up to 12, while established groups live in tribes that can number into the dozens, led by a chieftain and domesticating several alien pets.1


Goblins are clever and inventive, even if their creations are often crude and unreliable.


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