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Source: The White Glove Affair, pg(s). 59

Moyishuus are a species of emotionally-infused fey who make their home on Veyvilla-6.1


Moyishuus resemble bright-skinned humanoids with dark natural markings across their forearms and shins. They have long, pointed ears and crystalline hair. A typical moyishuu is between 5.5 and 6 feet tall and weighs about 135 pounds.1


Upon waking each day, a moyishuu chooses a dominant emotion that influences their personality and can be projected onto others. Even though when two moyishuus tap into the same emotion, they can manifest it in myriad ways.1 Due to their insight into emotions, moyishuus are the only beings that can detect sensestone, Veyvilla-6's magical crystals that contain feelings.2

Moyishuus live for over 200 years on average.1


Moyishuus migrated en masse from the First World to Veyvilla-6 after the Gap, when planar breaches to the former opened all across the latter's surface.1


Moyishuus run a company which leases permission to dig on Veyvilla-6 to mining corporations, which are usually granted a large percentage of the minerals dug up, with one exception: all sensestone is owned by the moyishuus, and when discovered, all regular operations must stop until every last bit is carefully retrieved and kept intact inside special cold iron containers called shutters, which few non-moyishuus know how to make. Due to Veyvilla-6's abundance of minerals, most overseers find the arrangement acceptable.2

Due to their reputation and long-term mindset, moyishuus find it easy to get the upper hand and strike deals that benefit them with Material Plane denizens, but tend to be uncertain of themselves when dealing with fellow fey, preferring to let neutral third parties negotiate.3


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