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A damai.

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Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 32

Damais are the native inhabitants of Daimalko, who struggle to make a living underground after the planet was devastated by giant rampaging monsters known as colossi.12


Alana Eledin, a damai.

Damais are grey-skinned humanoids that stand 6 feet tall and weigh around 175 pounds.1


When the damai civilisation still thrived on surface of Daimalko, they were divided into two warring superpowers: the Queendom of Ykarth, which claimed legitimacy from the empyreal lord Duellona, and the psychic Confederation of Volkaria. All this ended with the Awakening, which happened around 200 years ago: earthquakes reverberated, oceans evaporated, plants withered and colossi awakened. Most damais died during the Awakening or were killed by rampaging colossi afterwards. The survivors were forced underground into caverns called the Refuge. Volkarians and Ykarthans alike had to put aside nationalism for survival.1

About 50 years ago, Reirali Kokolu, leader of one of the largest settlements in the Refuge, determined to keep the damai people united, traversed the caverns, contacted fellow leaders, invited them to accompany her and devised a plan to keep the damais connected spiritually. Near the end of their journey, they stumbled upon a cache of rune-scribed orbs. Touching them initially conveyed overwhelming emotion, magical hubris, physical strength and dark dread, but Kokolu eventually discovered that they can convey vital information about the colossi and even control them to some degree, while also connecting the leaders emotionally. The leaders realised that with the orbs, a little concentration can allow them to inhabit each others' minds, and they became the first Guardians.1

The Guardians returned to their settlements, although some mysteriously died in the way. Some used the orbs to fortify their own settlements, while others started to build colonies on the surface. Eventually, the underground communities stabilised, though the aboveground communities still struggle, partially because not all colossus attacks can be repelled.1


Outside of pockets of Ykarthan and Volkarian resistance, damais trust the Guardians almost universally, despite rumours that their magic was tied to the cause of the Awakening. They recognise that without the bond of their people, the colossi would have ended their people. Despite the power of the Guardians, they are still as mortal as their kin, and each spends a dozen years training a carefully-chosen successor. Some damais protest all contact with the Pact Worlds, for fear of triggering a second Awakening.12


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