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A copaxi.

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Source: The Protectorate Petition, pg(s). 21

Copaxis are complex coral colonies developed into humanoid forms native to the planet Tabrid Minor.1


Copaxis are humanoid coral colonies covered in segmented exoskeletons of calcium-rich shell. Individuals can be identified by the elaborate crests and horns on their heads. Each polyp includes five feeding tentacles about 2 inches long suitable for filter feeding or catching extremely small prey, but can only scratch big foes. The polyps extend beneath the exoskeleton, intertwining with each other to create muscle fibres and specialised organs.1


Copaxis evolved from the copi, a coral-like organism that once covered most of Tabrid Minor. Before the Gap, during the height of copaxi civilisation, they harvested the copi to build and maintain magical flying cities where they lived lavish lives, harvesting resources from the surface. Most copaxis became mystics or solarians in this age.2

In 3 AG, a great revolution was sparked among the copaxis by the revelation of the Drift. Recipients of the Signal discovered that copi could be used to build starships and revolted against the magical aristocracy, who retaliated by suppressing the technology and killing many innovators. A decade later, a new revolution turned the copaxis against their reliance on magic. Many people died before the insurrection succeeded and the copaxis left their flying cities to settle on the ground.2

The copaxis took advantage of their new technology to industrialise and spread across the surface, harvesting copi wherever they can, in the process slowly losing their magical powers. They built robots to help them harvest copi and serve their new industrial society, but the robots developed rudimentary sentience just as they completed their tasks and outlived their usefulness. The government found the moral implications of these creatures abhorrent and destroyed most robots, leaving only a few in dangerous working environments.2

In the past few decades, copaxis began to pursue space travel. As they discovered galactic threats as the Veskarium and the Swarm, the copaxis petitioned for protectorate status within the Pact Worlds.2


The ancient copaxi's magic stemmed from their mystical bond with copi, an organism strongly attuned to gravity. Their mystical connection to the planet was lost as they mined the copi, as were most of their powers (except the ability to adjust their personal gravity). Copaxis' sensitive polyps can detect trace chemicals and scents in their environment. Copaxis live for 40 years, during which their polyps die and are replaced according to the copaxi's needs..12


Around two billion copaxis inhabit Tabrid Minor. Due to government censorship, most copaxis are unaware of the civil war that caused them to move from their sky cities to the surface, or of the robotic labour force; they know that the floating ruins belonged to an extinct branch of depraved copaxis that became dependent on magic and were wiped out by the gods. Robotics and related technologies are heavily regulated, while magic is rare and many copaxis are superstitious against it, due to the government-fabricated myth. However, discoveries about the past have drived some copaxis to rediscover the lost magical traditions of their ancestors.12

Copaxis are quick learners and avid explorers new to space travel. They promote the Pact Worlds in hope of being accepted as a protectorate, while the Veskarium and its expansionist history are seen as worrisome.1

Copaxi society respects leadership, innovation and being part of a whole, while preserving individual expression. All individuals in each copaxi city work together for a common goal.1

Names among copaxis consist of two parts: the shell name, which is given by the community to young polyp clusters, and the flesh name, which is chosen by a newly mature copaxi. Each part consists of between one and three syllables.1