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A golden helmet reminiscent of an ancient knight's helm, with glowing red, star-shaped eyes shining from its empty face.

Protect the Pact Worlds and the Starfinder Society from External Threats
Source: Paizo Blog

The Exo-Guardians faction within the Starfinder Society aims to protect the Pact Worlds from external threats.


The creed of the Exo-Guardians is to protect the Pact Worlds from external threats. In the context of their membership within the Starfinder Society, this most often relates to participating in missions to acquire relics or technology of a defensive nature. Exo-Guardians excel in missions that lead to such discoveries, but they also serve an important secondary role within the Society of "sending a message" to threats that interfere in Society business. Be it a derelict starship overrun with mindless alien vermin, or a supposedly impenetrable fortress operated by forces opposed to the Society, it's often the Exo-Guardians who come in to handle the situation.1


The Exo-Guardians are led by the shirren soldier Zigvigix, who aims to restore the Exo-Guardians to their pre-Scoured Stars incident grandeur.1


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