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Scoured Stars Incident

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The Scoured Stars incident occurred in 316 AG when Starfinder Society First Seeker Jadnura led about four-fifths of the organization's assets and agents into a dangerous region of space known as the Scoured Stars. The expedition was possible in part due to Jadnura's discovery of a mysterious artifact known as the Tear.12

However, the mission soon turned to disaster when the Society lost contact with Jadnura and most of the committed Society resources, and a shield of aurum energy prevented communication and entry to the systems. The systems had been invaded and captured by the alien jinsul race in a massive assault.12

A few months into 318 AG, a mission led by Jadnura's successor as First Seeker, Luwazi Elsebo, rescued Jadnura and other Starfinders trapped in the Scoured Stars. However, the Society still has little information about the jinsuls and the threat they pose.2