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A jinsul.

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Source: The Scoured Stars Invasion, pg(s). 50-70

Jinsuls are a violent, fanatical alien race from the Jinsul Hierocracy, who worship the ancient deity Kadrical and are led by priests commanding dangerous magic.1


Jinsuls are chitinous, six-legged creatures with a set of robust forelimbs and covered in rows of eyes. The only way to tell out a jinsul's 'front' is by its mouth, which is lined with three rows of pincers, each with tiny hooks to grasp prey. Many jinsuls have long cybernetic sabres implanted in their first set of legs.2


The jinsuls' original homeworld is Otorak, a planet in the Scoured Stars. Among the residents of the Scoured Stars who worshipped Kadrical, the jinsuls were the most devout. Being isolated from the rest of the universe by the Godshield erected by the overprotective Kadrical, the jinsuls grew restless. Eventually, when the shield faltered, they and the other residents of the Scoured Stars took the opportunity to escape. The jinsuls settled on Rax, a hostile planet which they view as a trial to endure for having forsaken Kadrical in exchange for freedom. During this time, they also conquered several nearby planets for the resources needed for survival.3456

When Kadrical sent them a Tear, in an attempt to call them back to the Scoured Stars, the six most powerful jinsul warlords broke it down and consumed the divine energy inisde it, turning themselves into semi-divine beings who united the bickering jinsul factions into a whole civilisation again; the warlords believed that their divine power is just reward for their efforts. Eventually, Kadrical's herald Dhurus arrived in Rax and riled the jinsuls into overthrowing the six warlords. Kept alive by their stolen semi-divine energies, the heretic warlords were attached by Dhurus to the prow of immense flagships, which would serve to lead the newly-reformed Jinsul Hierocracy. Before reclaiming the Scoured Stars as their new home, the jinsuls burnt down their cities on Rax, in order to demonstrate their loyalty and commitment to returning.7568

In 317 AG, the Jinsul Hierocracy made their first contact with the Pact Worlds by assaulting a Starfinder Society ship in the Scoured Stars. They seek to reunite the other races who left the Scoured Stars in the past under an empire with themselves as rulers.9


For millennia, the jinsuls viewed survival and conquest as either Kadrical's acknowledgement of their superiority (or his obsolescence as a deity, according to secular interpretations). Since their return to the Scoured Stars, ritualised sacrifice of heretics has been an integral part in the jinsuls' quest for atonement in Kadrical's eyes.6