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Gain personal fame and wealth, and improve the standing of the Starfinder Society galaxy-wide
Source: Paizo Blog

The Acquisitives faction within the Starfinder Society aims to promote Starfinders throughout the galaxy, and amass resources to further both individuals' and the organization's goals.1


The Acquisitives faction was created as a direct result of the Scoured Stars incident, in which the Starfinder Society lost a majority of its agents and resources. Faced with a huge dearth of talent, the Society reached out to several reputable mercenary companies to perform the tasks that had previously been performed by Starfinders.2


True to their history, Acquisitives are the most mercenary of the Starfinder Society factions. Their goals often involve promoting the Starfinder Society to the extent that it will increase the personal reputation of all members. They stockpile funds and resources, believing that by maintaining such a treasury the faction can make itself indispensable to other factions within the Society. Indeed, many Starfinders pledge themselves, to varying degrees, to the Acquisitives faction for access to these assets. This influx of recruits is the direct byproduct of the Acquisitives' existing cache of resources, not to mention their preference of sending Starfinders on missions leading to personal glory and monetary enrichment.1


The Acquisitives are led by the vesk operative Radaszam "The Dealmaker", who spends equal time managing the Acquisitives as he does operating his own independent mercenary outfit, the Obsidian Spiders.1