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Warm hills and mountains (Dykon)
Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 116-117

Urogs are the most intelligent of the silicon-based life forms of the Brethedan moon Dykon.1


In their everyday mode, urogs almost resemble crystalline gastropods, their shimmering shell-scales hanging down almost to the ground and hiding their limbs as they float like hovercraft on a thin cushion of electromagnetism produced by microscopic cilia.1

In their engagement mode (whether that means mating, fighting, or interacting directly with other races or their environment), urogs rear up and unfold their multiple pairs of limbs. Every urog has a powerful beak on its head-stalk, which is used solely for fighting and reproduction. Due to their large size and sturdy frames, urogs have no natural predators.1


An urog eats by gradually breaking molecular bonds and tearing microscopic pieces off the food with the electromagnetic effects of its cilia. Since urogs can break off and absorb only the molecules they need and leave aside the others, they can eat nearly anything and are almost impossible to poison or drug. Their preferred food is the silicon-based plant life of their home.1

Urogs who don't visit their homeworld for long periods sometimes suffer an attenuation of their racial abilities, likely due to their changed diet and lack of certain electrical fields normally provided by the moon itself.1


Urogs spend most of their time in contemplation. Constantly inspired by the complex geometry of Dykon, they wander seemingly at random across the moon’s surface, working on mathematical problems or conducting enigmatic experiments. Their languid pace belies their exceedingly sharp intellect and laser-like focus on unlocking esoteric mathematical and scientific secrets.1

Urogs are often obsessed with efficiency, spending untold hours just to shave seconds off a given process. This reputation has made them sought-after astrogators, consultants, engineers, and scientists in the Pact Worlds system. Urog emotions are difficult to understand, usually involving the satisfaction of success, disappointment at failure, or the excitement of a promising line of inquiry. Urogs are matter-of-fact creatures who value frankness and getting to the heart of a matter far more than protecting the feelings of others, and other races rarely have the patience and poise to graciously accept an enthusiastic urog's stream of criticism.1

Urogs who leave Dykon often do so because they believe mathematical and scientific secrets hide in places that can't be observed from their homeworld.1


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