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Any low-gravity (Diaspora)
Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 98-99
This article covers the race. For the language, see Sarcesian (language).

Sarcesians are a race of tall, light-winged humanoids native to the Diaspora, the asteroid belt located in the Pact Worlds system between the orbits of the spaceship Idari and the planet Eox.1


A sarcesian is a long-limbed humanoid standing between 10 to 15 feet tall, with bulbous eyes and long pointed ears. Adapted for life in space, they can grow long gossamer-like wings of pure light that can act as solar sails in the vacuum of space.1 Due to their appearance, they are sometimes referred to as "angels".2


Sarcesians can survive in a vacuum for up to an hour without breathing or suffering ill effects, and their wings grow automatically when exposed to vacuum. They are also renowned for their innate patience.1


Sarcesians live on small creche worlds inside the Diaspora.1


Stories suggest sarcesians are the descendants of two planets that collided in pre-Gap times to form the Diaspora asteroid belt.1


Generally peaceful, sarcesians harbor a lasting grudge against Eox, attributing the destruction of their worlds to the ancient feud. They, like their neighbors, send representatives to the Pact Council to express their views. However, lacking an overarching government, they adhere to a libertarian philosophy, maintaining a protectorate status and emphasizing individual autonomy.2 Sarcesians speak their own language.1 Space pirates are known to speak Sarcesian, as are necrovites of Eox.34

Some sarcesians use their unique abilities to serve as spies and covert fighters for hire.1


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