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Source: Honorbound Emissaries, pg(s). 10

Thyrs are a species of intelligent oozes and one of the original member races of the Kreiholm Freehold.1


Thyrs are gaseous, intelligent oozes and wear encounter suits to make other species more comfortable.1


Thyrs feed on heat, communicate telepathically, live for centuries, and have no concept of biological sex. Because of their long lives, thyrs often serve as advisors and lorekeepers in the Kreiholm Freehold.1


Thyrs originated from the planet Bastiar-7, in the Scoured Stars, where they lived under the protection of their domineering patron deity Kadrical, who isolated the Scoured Stars from the rest of the universe with the Godshield despite his worshippers' pleas. Eventually, when the shield faltered, they and the other residents of the Scoured Stars took the opportunity to escape and settle elsewhere in the galaxy. The thyrs joined several other species, eventually settling on the planet Saaruq-5, founding the Kreiholm Freehold, named after the leader who brought them there, and integrating the indigenous syngnathrixes into their federation.23